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Too shy for PGCE?

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    Hello,I'm starting an early years PGCE in September and although teaching is something I know I want to do, I'm really worried about my confidence holding me back and making me completely fail everything. I'm naturally quite a shy person who freezes when I have to talk in front of crowds and I can even be quite awkward with other adults in day to day conversations, however, put me with a group of kids and I'm fine! I've been telling myself that surely they saw something in me, as they offered me the place there and then, but I just can't seem to shift my anxieties. It's just annoying because I know I'll do well with the essays, managing my time, thinking of lessons, behaviour management etc. I just feel overwhelmed with.. I suppose how much I'm going to have to push myself. Do you think teaching is primarily for the confident, extroverted type, or will I be able to succeed in teaching too? :/

    No, it's not at all a career primarily for extroverts. On my course, some of the bigger personalities never made it to the end of the course whereas I ended up at a school with someone who was introverted but communicated really effectively with children and clearly an excellent teacher in the making. Some teachers come alive when they're with children but struggle with adults - it's not uncommon.

    You may find it difficult initially but your confidence will build over the course of the year. I still feel a bit nervous teaching in front of adults - I doubt that will ever completely go away - but it gets easier once you have built relationships with the people you are working with/being observed by and it becomes easier to forget they're there too. You will be spending most of your day talking to children anyway, so much so that you will probably be craving some adult conversation at the end of the day!

    Oh my gosh! I am so happy someone else feels exactly the same as me! I am doing a early years PGCE! I am not highly academic! However I am passionate about educating the younger children and I am an introvert at times! I do get shy! However I do agree take it a day at a time. I think we are lucky to be on a PGCE course as you will have people on your course doing the same thing! So have a great support network!

    Also my parents always tell me! If you were so confident you would not have to do the PGCE! You would go straight into teaching your own classroom. haha. So it is just looking at the positive side of things. Especially during the challenging times. Hope this helps. X

    I wouldn't worry too much about it. I felt the same before I started my PGCE two years ago, but to be honest I have barely ever felt nervous in the classroom, even during lesson observations. Like you, I have felt awkward talking in front of crowds of adults, but teaching just seems to come naturally.

    During your first lesson, you'll see the kids coming in and you might be absolutely terrified, but in the end you just start talking and the nerves go away. As long as you enjoy working with children, you'll love it.

    Thanks Elmand! Helps keep me motivated that you felt the same during your PGCE. Now you are happy as a teacher.

    I have decided to just give it my best shot! As I do enjoy working with children.

    Did you travel to uni or live their?

    Also what books did you buy from suggested reading list for your PGCE course?
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Updated: August 10, 2016
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