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London Olympics: What did you like most?

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    the opening ceremony made me so proud to be british ; it was just so smart

    (Original post by Wilfred Little)
    Gymnastics :cool:
    Diving Would say swimming but a lot of them are built like blokes so nah.
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    (Original post by New- Emperor)
    So much going down to london seeing all the atleats waking around goi ng to Hyde Park to wah som event's on he big screen geting to hold ome gus Gold medal (Fencing) going down to stand on the street and wach the marathon
    how for a change the world was united as one watching the opening cermony & closing outside my house with my neighbours on a tv and watching the rowing with everyone in the office so much role on friday.
    That second bit so much! I know there's a lot of controversy around it being in Rio this time and Russia and things, that's probably my favourite thing about the olympics though- even more so this time with there being a refugee team and things again. I'm not normally a huge sports fan but just the whole thing with these I really love, the paralympics too.

    What did everyone think of the opening ceremony last night? Prefer ours I think but was still good, and represented the country and general olympic ethos well!

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    (Original post by TheMouseyS)
    SAILING!! Pretty much the only sport we actually lead the world in

    A colleague getting fired for asking Bolt for an autograph was mildly drole...
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Updated: August 6, 2016
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