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Sainsburys online questionnaire help

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    Hello guys,

    I'm fairly new to this so do forgive if i make a mistake or two.
    Finished A-levels and was looking for some work. harder than expected but i live close to Sainsburys and i've been trying to apply there for months now. The online questionnaires are pathetic and its really annoying because unfortunately I've tried everything and somehow i still seem to be 'unsuccessful'.

    Can someone please help? before you criticise me about not being able to do it myself or anything, trust me i have and if you can't help please dont comment.

    you can pm me and help or leave answers thank you!

    the questions vary but manageg to find these... you have to pick best course of action and then worse course of action.

    You are working in a Sainsbury's restaurant. One of your tasks is to serve customers and deal with their queries. All food is cooked fresh to order and is sent straight out to customers. A customer has come to you and complained that their food is not hot enough. Their food was sent out 10 minutes previously. You have checked with the cook that the order was dealt with promptly. You have also checked the equipment that keeps the food warm until the waitress/waiter collects it. The equipment is working well.

    Apologise to the customer and explain that they have had their food for 10minutes. It was hot when it left the kitchen.

    Apologise and offer another mean to them.

    Apologise and offer a refund.

    Apologise and check that the meal is not hot.

    You are working in a Sainsbury's restaurant. One of your tasks is to ensure there are enough clean cups and plates for the customers' meals. One of your colleagues, who works in the dishwashing area, is doing the job well, but very slowly. There are not many clean plates and cups left and this will mean that customers may have to wait longer for their food.

    Suggest the colleague does a different job.

    Put someone else in there to assist.

    Show him how to do it more quickly.

    Ask him to do it more quickly.

    You are working in a Sainsbury’s store. One of your tasks is re-stocking the salads on the shop floor. The older salads need to be at the front and the newer salads at the back of the shelf. You’ve noticed that the colleague who is also re-stocking the salads has not been doing this correctly and the newest salads are at the front. The person has only been working in the store for a couple of days, but as a team you are all responsible for ensuring the products are in date order.

    Allow the colleague a couple more days to find their feet, then speak to management.

    Speak to management immediately.

    Approach the person yourself and explain how to do it properly.

    Arrange for the person to shadow you for the day to learn how to do it correctly.

    You are working in the fruit and vegetable department of a Sainsbury's store. One of your tasks is to re-stock the shelves. You notice the stock of bananas is running low. You have a box of bananas from the warehouse but you have concerns about putting them on the shop floor. You have checked them against a colour chart that helps you to decide whether they are fit for the shop floor, and are not sure whether you should be selling them. There are no more bananas left in the warehouse.

    Put them out on the shop floor and keep an eye on how they are selling.

    Take them off the shop floor and put them out for disposal.

    Check with a supervisor whether they should be sold.

    Move them towards the front of the shop so that they sell quickly.

    You are working in a Sainsbury's store. One of your tasks is to re-stock the meat aisle. If meat is not suitable for sale, Sainsbury's is able to claim back the price of the meat from the supplier. This can take a number of days. You are checking the sell by dates of meat in the fridges. You notice that a batch of rump steak, that you put out a few days before, is starting to turn slightly brown. You check the sell by date and the meat is still in date.

    Inform your manager of the situation and suggest they claim the money back for the product.

    Leave it on the shop floor s it is in date.

    Reduce it and see if it sells at a reduced rate.

    Remove meat from the shop floor and mark it s unsuitable for sale.

    You are working in the TU clothing department. One of your tasks is to re-stock the clothing lines and position them as attractively as possible in store.It is late summer. In your clothing department you have a very fashionable eveningwear jacket that has come into the shop as new stock. You have lots of these jackets, in a wide range of sizes. Personally, you do not think it is very nice and don't think it will sell very well. It has been out for a fortnight on the shop floor and you have noticed that it hasn't sold very well. Only 2 jackets have been sold so far.

    Move it to a more prominent position in the shop floor.

    Take it off the shop floor and replace it with stock that has fewer sizes but has previously been a good seller.

    Take it off the shop floor and aim to put it back out when they think it will sell better.

    Leave it where it is and see if it starts to sell

    You are working in a Sainsbury's online shopping department. One of your tasks is to walk around the store and choose people's shopping. Part of your job involves choosing products when none of the customers' original choices of products are available. You have guidance from your computer about what might be a suitable alternative, however, the decision is ultimately yours. You are measured on the amount of alternative products the customers return as unsuitable replacements. You are helping a new person to choose alternative products correctly. It is important to choose as quickly as possible. The trainee chooses an alternative product that you do not think is suitable.

    Explain to colleague that it may not be a suitable replacement, explain why and tell them what you think is suitable

    Let the colleague make their own decision, substitutes are a matter of preference.

    Explain to colleague that it may not be suitable; ask them to choose another product.

    Let manager know that there may be some further training needed with the new colleague.

    You are working in a Sainsbury's store. One of your tasks is to re-stock the juices and milk in the store. It is midday on a Saturday. It is very busy and you notice that while you are re-stocking the juice, the milk stock gets very low. When you re-stock the milk, the juice gets very low. You think that, at this time of day, it is almost impossible for 1 person to keep up with the re-stocking of both products.

    Find your manager and ask them to get someone to help you restock the juice and milk

    Ask another member of staff to help you for half an hour to allow you to get on top of it

    Prioritise your time and focus on which seems to be selling more quickly

    Continue as normal, reconsider if any stock actually runs out

    You are working in a Sainsbury's store. One of your tasks is to re-stock the shelves as they empty during the day. As it is a Saturday, products are selling very quickly and the shelves are emptying quickly. There is a small aisle with a big cage full of products that you are using to re-stock the shelves. This makes it difficult for customers to get past with their trolleys. Someone complains (to you) that they are finding it difficult to get past. The customer wants to know why the aisle is so cramped.

    Explain that you have to do it to get the product out in order to restock the shelves

    Apologise and offer to get your manager to explain why it is necessary

    Apologise and say you will see what you can do to move the cage off the aisle and replace when the store is less busy

    Move the cage to the end of the aisle and replenish from the end of the aisle

    You are working in a Sainsbury's store. One of your tasks is to re-stock the shelves as they empty during the day. One of your team members is sick, meaning there is a lot to get done in a day. You are re-stocking the toiletries department and you are falling behind, because of the volume of work. As you are re-stocking toilet rolls, you see that pink toilets rolls are displayed in the wrong place. You check the display ticket and find that it has a different product name on but the correct price for the pink toilet paper. This could mean that there is another brand of pink toilet roll that is not out on the shelf.

    As the toilet paper is the correct price, leave it and restock products that are low

    Move the toilet rolls to their correct position

    Inform your manager of the situation and let him deal with it

    Leave the toilet rolls and go back to them at the end of the shift, when you have more time

    You are working on the night shift in a Sainsbury's store. One of your tasks is to re-stock the empty shelves. Whilst working the night shift you typically work in a number of different areas. Your manager requests that you go and work on the frozen food department. You, however, prefer to work on the biscuits aisle.

    Explain that you prefer the biscuit aisle and ask that the manager puts you there instead

    Inform the manager that it is not your favourite but go and work there for now

    Say nothing and get on with the work

    Continue working and try and beat your target time

    You are working in a Sainsbury's petrol station. One of your tasks is to deal with customer queries about the car wash on the forecourt of the petrol station. A customer comes to you and complains about the car wash. Her car has become stuck in the carwash. She complains that the car wash has caused damage to her car, so now it won't start. She wants you to organise an alternative way for her to get home. Another customer believes the damage was the first customer's fault, as she didn't follow the instructions properly.

    Call the manager to come and deal with it

    Apologise and call the customer a taxi to go home and pay for it

    Offer time in store with a coffee to wait for the recovery services

    Apologise and get a colleague to drive her home

    You are working on the shop floor in a Sainsbury's store. You are replenishing stock in the store, a task that has to be completed in the next 15 minutes. A customer approaches you. They cannot find a particular type of wine carrier in the store. They are upset, as they came in over the weekend and were told by another colleague that the carrier would be available in the week. You have also checked where this product usually is, and have not found the product.

    Ask the customer to go to the customer service desk, where they may be able to locate the wine carrier.

    Take the customer to the customer service desk, where they may be able to locate the wine carrier.

    Ask another shop floor colleague to help the customer locate the wine carrier.

    Find an alternative type of wine carrier and offer this to the customer.

    You working on the shop floor at a Sainsbury's store. While you are walking in the store, you come across some eggs that have fallen and cracked on the floor. It is a busy Saturday afternoon. You have a number of tasks still to complete before the end of your shift. There are cleaners available in store.

    Wait next to the spillage until a colleague passes you and ask them to call a cleaner.

    Wait next to the spillage until a colleague from that department passes you, ask them to deal with it.

    Wait next to the spillage until a colleague passes you. Ask them to continue waiting, whilst you go and find a cleaner.

    Go and find some cleaning materials to clean it yourself.

    You are working on the shop floor at a Sainsbury's store. It is coming up to the Christmas holidays and the store is extremely busy. You have approached the Customer Service Desk, where there is a long queue of customers waiting to be served. There are 2 tills at the Customer Service Desk. Currently there is only one colleague dealing with customers' queries. At the same time there is a colleague at the kiosk available to help. The kiosk is close by.

    Invite some of the customers to go to the kiosk, where the cashier may be able to deal with their queries.

    Speak to the customers in the queue, to see if you can deal with the customers' queries.

    Open the other till behind the desk and help your colleague deal with the queries.

    Find another shop floor colleague to support at the desk, and open the till for them.

    Thank you!!!!!
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