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Can a girl change her mind after rejecting a guy?

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    (Original post by ANM775)

    what you said happened does not make logical sense, ..unless the guy was walking around in some sort of villainous dark hood [where you can't see his face properly] for two years.

    If it truly did happen the way you said it happened and all this time the guy was some sort of stud. your story would make a GREAT "should have gone to specsavers" Ad.

    patent that post pronto.
    He isn't really a stud in any indication of the word, I should know, I'm quite appearance motivated with my guys. I like them tall, dark and handsome; this guy is none of the above things but yet I still found him cute randomly one day. The 'grew on me' thing doesn't work because I rarely saw him tbh

    (Original post by Multitalented me)
    Oh right, fair enough I'm not quite sure how female minds work in terms of attraction haha, I just try & be myself, but like the OP I tend to be just seen as a friend, maybe I've just been picking the wrong girls/timed my move wrong, I dunno
    Be assertive and in all the right ways aggressive you shouldn't have any problems

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I asked out a girl after knowing her for a few months and she said no. I'm disappointed by this because I thought there was a real connection going on between us. We did spend a lot of time together but I guess she was only interested in being friends, pretty much story of my life.

    Anyway, she didn't cut me off totally and we're still friends. I am still clinging onto the last grain of hope that one day she may turn around and like me. Is that only in Hollywood movies or can it really happen?

    Ofc i'll find another girl and move on eventually, but just wondering if a girl can change her mind?
    I'm in the same position as you are because I experience "love at first" (I know I kind of cringed when I said that) and when I got to talk to her I found we had a lot in common and so on before I confessed and messed it up .

    we're still friends but like you I did cling on to hope but I didn't want to hold on to a hope like that so I let it go (kinda of) and moved on.

    (Original post by AngryRedhead)
    Be assertive and in all the right ways aggressive you shouldn't have any problems
    The times I've been assertive & indicated my interest they haven't reciprocated the way I'd like. Guess I just need to keep trying without getting to bogged down about hah!
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Updated: July 31, 2016
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