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UClan quiet accomodation hall

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    Hi everyone!
    I am studying architecture in September 2016.
    I want to know which accommodation I should choose.
    Since I don't like parties and noise, I want a quiet student hall.
    At the same time, I found Boatman and Bowran hall are pretty nice. Are they quiet or others?
    Everyone! please give me some advice

    I'm staying in Lawson halls, apparently the security is quite good and it's only a small block of flats, 3 flats on each floor. It's very close to the town centre and university too, the rooms look decent with en-suite at £97 a month

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    Is Lawson hall quiet? I mean no parties?
    Because I really need to focus on studying.

    (Original post by ThaeThiriLynn)
    Is Lawson hall quiet? I mean no parties?
    Because I really need to focus on studying.
    If you're wanting somewhere quiet, you're better off studying in the library to be honest. I think it's open 24/7 during term time


    There aren't really any quiet halls as such. Due to accommodation being allocated randomly, people kind of end up anywhere. The best advice I could give would be to try and get into the self contained flats in Pendle. You would be sharing the flat with a maximum of two other people (there are other options to have your own or share with one other person) but as I said the accommodation is allocated at random.

    Security is 24/7 and they are very good at dealing with any issues, and the library is open 24/7 during term time, as someone stated above (just avoid the top floor as it does get noisy). I stayed in Eden last year and it was okay, Mondays and Wednesdays being quite noisy due to Cameo and socials.

    The only other advice I can give is to not accept an offer to stay in Whitendale. It's huge so I don't think it would suit what you're looking for. If you have any issues contact the accommodation team. I wanted the cheapest option available however got allocated Whitendale. I emailed them and they changed it for me within a matter of hours.

    Good luck,

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Updated: August 4, 2016
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