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IELTS Requirements

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    Hi guys, my gf is applying for an MA at various universities in London (or near it). They all requires 6.5-7.0 in the IELTS test (the score of each components depends on the university).

    She currently has 6.0 and needs to retake the test (all the offers are conditional to that). How stricted universities are on the IELTS test? And by that I'm specifically referring to the score of each component.

    I've studied in England as well and I know the IELTS test doesn't really tell you how well you can speak, write and listen in English. It just tell you how good you're at doing the IELTS test.

    I hope my gf she will be able to get the score she needs (I was in the same position a couple of years ago), but what if she won't?

    If the university requires 6.5 in total and in each component as well, does she still have a chance to enter the course with, let's say, a 6.5 in total but not in al the components?

    Thank you so much!

    Depends on the uni but they're pretty strict about it. At most I would say they may be fine if it's only off by 0.5 on only one section. But even then they can refuse it because it wasn't high enough.
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    Well, unfortunately that's pretty sad, since how much you score in a test like the IELTS mainly depends on how much focused you were that day. It doesn't say anything about your proficiency (the test itself doesn't, let alone the fact that you need to perform well in THAT particular day).

    Am I the only one that finds this thing really outdated?

    My gf knows English better than I did when I was starting out. I had excellent results in university and I find really odd that she still doesn't know if she can get in some uni due to an English test.

    You also require certain scores for your visa application. Like it or not it's needs doing so let her get on with it.

    If the course is popular and the adcomms can fill all places with equal or stronger candidates, the uni will not blink and admit your gf. on the other hand, she may be admitted with 0.5 lower score if the course is not full. She may have to attend classes at the English Writing Centre for internationals students (2 hrs a week) as a compromise.
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Updated: August 1, 2016
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