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Should I text him?

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    There's this guy who I've been friends with for years now but more recently it's turned into more than just friendship. Last October, he texted me drunk one night and basically confessed his love for me and said how he's wanted to be with me for the last five years etc etc. He lives abroad so we took it slow for a while, I was meant to visit him just before Christmas but due to family circumstances, I had to pull out of going a couple of days before. He told me that I wasn't taking our 'relationship' seriously enough and whatever, and we didn't talk for about 4 months.

    Then this year around May time, he messaged me again saying he misses me and said I should go visit him at the end of June, when his exams were over. We planned it all and everything was great for a while until a week before, he had to cancel. I lost money on plane tickets but it wasn't a huge deal. We kept talking and I thought everything was okay.

    But then two weeks ago, I told him I was thinking of going over for a weekend, but I'd have to see if I could find time and money. I think I got his hopes up because I had to work that weekend instead, but I told him this 4 days before I was possibly meant to go. Now he's not speaking to me, he hasn't said anything to me in a week and a half. I know he's upset that I didn't go to see him.

    I really like him but I don't want to seem too clingy or anything. I thought he'd get over it and things would be okay again but I'm worried now that we won't speak again for months. I think he's overreacting but I won't be able to go to him for months now with holidays and uni and everything. I don't want to lose him, even if we just stay friends since we can't seem to manage the distance for an actual relationship. Should I message him or leave him to hopefully come around? If I do message him, should I try to explain how sorry I am for not being able to go? Or say I think he's being ridiculous since he was the one who cancelled last time? Or just say hi?

    It sounds stupid but I need some advice

    TL;DR - started to get more serious with an old friend. He lives far away and neither of us can visit each other easily. There was a chance of me going two weeks ago but I had to work and now he's mad and not speaking to me. Should I text him and leave him to get over it? If I do, what should I say?

    text him, he more likely disappointed than angry if hes held a torch for so long.

    I wouldnt apologise per se (you didnt do anything wrong) but try to arrange another time to meet
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Updated: July 31, 2016
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