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How many pairs of shoes for work?

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    I got an internship lasting for a couple of weeks and it's smart office wear. I don't really own many clothes suitable for this and I don't want to spend a fortune when it's not for that long. I know I can wear them again in the future but still. I've got a couple of outfits now and plan to mix and match a bit so I think I'm okay for clothes, but I'm after a bit of advice on shoes...

    I'm quite short and feel like wearing heels makes me look a lot more professional. I have quite thin, long feet so often cheap shoes don't fit me very well. I'm thinking of investing in a couple of pairs of decent, high quality shoes which will last me a while and also be comfy enough to wear for the whole day. I haven't got loads to spend but I can get a pair from Office for around £60, which seems okay to me. I was thinking of buying two pairs - one black and one (probably) nude. I considered blue too but I can't really afford a third pair at the moment and I think nude will match with more outfits.

    Will two pairs be enough? I don't want to be thought of as the girl who always wears the same pair of shoes I could always buy more later into the internship, I think I get paid every week so I'd probably spend some of that money on stuff to wear the next week :lol:

    Oh, also:
    And are the shoes I'm suggesting suitable? I think I'd just stick with court shoes, one black and one nude pair as I said earlier. Most of the ones I can find seem to be patent with a pointed toe. Something like these - http://www.office.co.uk/view/product...,37/2552886497

    Why would you need more than one pair? One pair will be fine and no one is going to look at you "as the girl who always wears the same shoes". They won't even notice or remember what you wore the day before for the most part. Spend less time and money worrying what others think, you'll drain your bank balance and your sanity. The internship is only 2 weeks for heavens sake.
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Updated: July 31, 2016
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