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Is anxiety considerded an extenuating circumstance?

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    As a reason you failed exams?

    (Original post by lokalokaloka)
    As a reason you failed exams?
    Mine was at uni so if my marks ha dropped by more than 10% they would have been reviewed. I'm not sure what would have happened then- perhaps an uncapped resit?

    But mine was medically diagnosed by doctors and I had a letter confirming this.

    If it's been diagnosed, yes!

    It can be taken into account if you've got a recognised anxiety disorder or have been attending treatment (e.g. counselling or CBT sessions). If you think it has severely affected your exams it's worth asking about.


    Though mine was depression, it got me a three month extension for my dissertation - which came in very handy when my supervisor didn't approve a topic until two weeks before final handin was supposed to be.

    It depends.

    You need to look at the rules for your uni.- They are all unique to your Uni.
    You also need to know what it is you want.
    Its normal for you to make the appeal beforehand and they might grant an extension or let you take at a later date.
    Its much better if you make a claim before you sit your exams.

    If you have your results and you have failed, then you need to decide what it is you want.
    They may allow you to resit. If you wnat to claim extenuating circumstances, then its normal for such reasons to be sudden and unforseen or at least already diagnosed and supported bt professionals, be they a counselor or your GP. Their word counts for much more and is supportive of you suiddenly not creating a condition, but shows it has been ongoing.

    When they consider your claim then they might let you resit one , all or none of the exams uncapped, that means not limited to 40%. Resits are normally capped to 40%. The other option is to let you retake the whole year.

    I suggest you go and look at the rules (they will be on the website) and you may need a special form. There is normally a deadline of 10-14 days when such claims ahve to be submitted. You also need to see your personal tutor.
    If you are claiming a medical condition then you need to get some supporting evidence from medical professionals.
    If you are stuck then book an appointment asap with an advisor from the SU who cna help you.

    Be sure you understand the rules and what it is you want them to give you. You have nothing to lose by putting a claim in.

    I would also point out the reason why you have anxiety might be highly relevant i.e recent traumatic event, accident, bereavement etc. It makes your statement more credible if you can point to a specific condition or event.

    ood luck.

    generally it's better to put these things forward BEFORE your exams, but you can try and claim afterwards you will just have to explain why you didn't do it beforehand... you will need medical evidence that you were diagnosed/being treated for anxiety

    think about what you want, at this point your only option is likely to be an uncapped resit

    Yes it is, I have anxiety and it was stopping me from going to lectures and revising properly for exams, it was accepted by my uni as a mitigating circumstance when I submitted it along with medical evidence from my doctor.

    Theres simply insufficent context or detail given by the OP, which makes it near impossible to provide any reasonable advice.

    In my opinion anxiety makes people to be afraid of making mistakes, which can or not have occurred after a trauma.
    Generally anxious people charge more of themselves and when they fail they think were not good enough and want to try twice. Not that engage to be a bad thing, but everything has a limit.

    I am a very anxious person and I suffer a lot because of that. I try to do things at the same time, and sometimes, I have insomnia before a very important test or presentation, so I say, try to relax and not worry so much is the best way to not get stressed, because university life cause that. And if necessary look for a doctor, he can prescribe you a good calming.

    Usually the ask u for a medical certificate, and if u have one then yes t can be used as an extenuating circumstance x

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Updated: August 2, 2016
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