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How much would you spend on an average 1-week holiday to another European country?

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    I'm looking to go on holiday for a week to the likes of Italy, France or Greece, etc.
    However, I'm concerned about the cost. I don't want to be spending much more than £500-£600 maximum on flights, accomodation, travel, insurance, activities, meals, etc.

    I'm aware there is no exact answer to this question and it can vary greatly, but I'm looking to get a rough estimate. How much might you personally expect to spend on an typical trip to Italy, France, Spain, Germany, or wherever for a week on these expenses?

    Is there any ways to keep the costs down?

    It depends what you're planning on doing. You may find that it's cheaper to go at a certain time of the year as well.

    We've just booked a trip to Malta for next year. It was cheaper to fly from Gatwick with Easyjet than it was to fly from Heathrow with Ryanair, for example.

    Depends on the city too. If you went to Germany, Berlin is noticably cheaper than Munich.

    Depends what you want to do. Some places are pretty cheap for food, drinks, etc. but others, not so much. If you want to save money try and get a room with a kitchen so you could get food from the local minimart to cook... Otherwise cheap out on the room and you'll be able to afford better meals.

    If you can get all inclusive that's good... Also check things like wowcher for their deals, they're usually a few specific days only but they go very cheap.

    From what I gather as cities, somewhere like Barcelona is cheaper than Rome but it depends on where you want to go

    Really depends tbh, personally I always book flights and an apartment separately (eat out a couple of times, cook a few times) and this can often work out cheaper, however for some major resort destinations last minute package deals may well be superior.

    Highly depends on the time of year as well, albeit you probably don't want to go when most things are closed due being out of season, but early in the season or near the close can be significantly cheaper than mid summer.

    if you're smart about destination/how you spend money that should be fine


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Updated: August 8, 2016
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