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University decisions

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    Okay so firstly I'm new to TSR so please spare me the grief if you've heard this one a thousand times before. I'm looking at going to uni to study law in september (massive wannabe barrister) and have already accepted an unconditional from Northumbria, partially because of the comfort it gave me through revision but also due to how much I loved the sound of the course on open days and the benefit of having the 4th year integrated into the actual course itself, a massive bonus considering I could never afford the BPTC alone. However it's completely realistic I could come out with three A's on results day going by last years results and how I personally felt exams went blah blah blah. This would put me in the position of being able to get into Newcastle, my original first choice uni. Which in all honesty I didn't do enough research into regarding the course and open days. I know how competitive a career in law can be, and I feel like a degree from a Russell Group uni could benefit me long term. So basically my question is, should the results come in as AAA, should I go with Northumbria or Newcastle?
    Advice from anyone who's been or is in the same position would be ideal but really any advice would be appreciated!

    Choose what course is right for you, what one offers the most value, and which offers the better career prospects ultimately. If you can't get one that wins on all fronts, decide what's most important and begin trading off. It's the simple.

    We could be here all day arguing the benefits of RG vs non-RG but it'd get us no where. You'd be better researching university-specific courses and opportunities.

    Want to be a barrister then definitely Newcastle over Northumbria any day. Not just because Newcastle is Russell Group but because its way more respected than Northumbria. Not to mention that the Bar is still very elite in its recruitment, e.g. Russell Group and Oxbridge. Its law firms that are very very slowly starting to become more diverse. If you ever decided you wanted to work for a law firm as a solicitor and fancied the city e.g. magic circle or silver circle firms Northumbria would hinder you there too. Also its best to go to the best university possible regardless of career choice to give you the most flexibility and best choices in life. If you get 3 A's find a good RG uni, you don't want to have 3 As and spend 3 years with people who just about got Bs at A level at a lowly regarded university for law nobody has likely heard of, you'll find it will bring you down in terms of being driven.
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Updated: August 1, 2016
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