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Applied Computer Science degrees

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    I'm in a bit of dilemma here and I would really appreaciate some help.

    I finished my first year as a Computer Science student at Coventry University with an average of 71% and I have the possibility to transfer to either Leeds University or Uni of Leicester. Those are the following programs:

    BSc Applied Computer Science - University of Leeds
    BSc Computer Science - University of Leicester

    I know that both are better universities than Coventry but the thing is that the CS program at Leeds has "Applied" in front of it
    I am currently an offer holder for the program and I'm a bit worried that if I graduate with an ACS degree I will be at a disadvantage when applying for software dev-related jobs because I've heard that the Applied route is just a fancy name for the former Information Technology degree and is tailored towards maintaining computer systems, not designing them....

    My question is, should I transfer to a Russel Group uni for an "Applied" Computer Science degree or should I stay at Coventry University and pursue a regular BSc Computer Science degree?

    Thank you in advance.

    the modules are the same as the normal cs degree

    You know, today, 'Russel group' uni's don't really make much difference when applying to jobs. With computer science, a technical course, it's far better to look at the modules of the courses and see which interests you the most. I had a choice between a few uni's CS course, one being UoLeicester too, I went for a lower ranked one (however ranked higher this year for CS in guardian) because the modules were more interesting to me. That's just my advice, I didn't like UoL module choice particularly in the second year with mandatory modules like mulltimedia and computer graphics, however that may be something that interests you.
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