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When can I get help?

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    I've just done my GCSEs and I'm going to be starting my first year of A-Levels in September. I have a summet job as a receptionist in a dental surgery and I work four days a week. I hope I can come back and work in the same place next summer and the summer after in order to pay for university.

    Anyway. I think I have depression. I self harm occasionally, but usually it's only due to school stress. I also have a really bad relationship with food, and even though I don't have an actual eating disorder I'm worried that eventually it will become something worse.

    I really want to see my GP or a therapist or someone, but I don't have any time. I'm working and then I'm volunteering on the weekends and when school starts again I'll be drowned in homework and revision, and I'll still be volunteering and I'm going to start my gold Duke of Edinburgh award and I go to martial arts on a Thursday night.

    I've sort of talked about it with my mum, but she doesn't believe that something is wrong. I hope I'm not overreacting and making a big deal of something that isn't serious, but I still would like to talk to a therapist or something. I don't know what to do.

    You should get help as soon as possible because trust me, it all ends up catching up with you when things start getting too heavy. Go to your GP alone, it's likely you will be referred to CAHMS and from what my friends have told me it is very helpful.

    Please don't leave it too late like I did, I saw signs of depression during GCSEs and I did nothing about it, my first year of a-levels I just became very numb and in my second year I was a complete mess, the depression took up everything, I wasn't focusing on work anymore, I missed weeks upon weeks of school (so much material), I never slept properly, I stayed up so many nights and it has had huge impacts on my physical health and I am dealing with bad lungs right now. I really damaged myself emotionally and physically and I definitely am telling you to reach out for help immediately, I'm not trying to scare you. Also on the days of my exams I hated myself so much I starved myself because I was so angry (I had issues with food too throughout the years, but it was at it's peak during exam time).

    I left it far too late, my A-level results are coming out soon and I deeply sad and clueless as too how I should carry on from here. I still haven't actually gotten any proper help which is terrible but I am going to soon, so please do get help as soon as possible.

    Your health is a priority - not volunteering, not even school. I would make time to see someone. It doesn't have to be NHS. There are childrens counselling charities across the country.

    If you're harming yourself in any way (food or self harm) then it is serious. You're not overreacting. You don't need to be in complete crisis to seek help. In fact, many people who are in crisis when they seek help are unable to do the deep recovery work for a while - because they need to stabilise and not be in crisis any more before doing that therapeutic work. If you were bleeding, you wouldn't wait until you were practically passed out from blood loss before seeking help. Same principle applies to mental health
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Updated: August 3, 2016
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