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So, whats your reason for going to uni now you're older?

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    I'm 34 - my health led to me dropping out of a-levels when I was 17, cue years of illness and treatments before taking up an admin job. 9 years progressing minimally in the admin setting, I'm bored and know I'm capable of more. The final nudge I needed was infertility, a few years mourning the child we would never had made me want to aid the lives of other children out there - so a BA Hons in education studies with the hopes of educational psychology in the future awaits me now. I am so excited, scared and giddy, I feel like I'm in charge of my life again!

    Reading all of this has given me hope, thanks guys! I'm only nineteen but I suffer from a memory and concentration problem (not sure what's wrong) so naturally I messed up my exams. This absolutely broke my heart and hindered my chances of getting into university. I'm doing what I call 'stepping stones' but by the time I'm done I'll be around 25. After reading through this thread I now know that it's okay to do a degree a little later because it's actually doing the degree that counts, not when.

    I can't think of anything worse than hooking up with people way too near to the "I could have birthed you" line.

    I did really well at school despite horrific childhood. But when I went to college, the lack of structure that I had at school to keep me in one piece, wasn't there and my mental health really disintegrated. I failed my first year due to PTSD related symptoms during exams. During my second year, I was barely around and completely distracted by court case where I was the victim. Somehow, I scraped a few Ds and most surprising of all since I attended maybe 4 classes of this subject, a B in English language.

    Home life was really not improving and culminated in me being made homeless. I was fortunate though, I was placed into supported accommodation and despite some massive downsides and violence, actually still better than the streets. But my mind lost it at this point and I had a mental breakdown. My suicide attempts landed me onto inpatient facility. To cut a long depressing story short..5 years later I found a book which would change my life in untold ways. It led me to getting the right treatment. It also led me back to education.

    I had made attempts whilst living in supported accommodation by studying with OU but they were pretty pointless. I didn't realise how sick I was and I didn't have the concentration to do a degree. I tried health & social care, economics, social sciences, maths and English before I couldn't get funding any more. So everything went on hold.

    Fast forward to 2012 and I'm throwing caution to the wind and trying the introduction to counselling course at my local college. In that short 12 week course I find my passion for the work. During my recovery I had spent a lot of time researching mental health but never wanted to be a therapist. One year that changed and then the course made up my mind. Also during that course I learnt that OU were doing student finance and now that I had my passion, I took up the psychology degree.

    4 years later and I'm a qualified counsellor with a certHE from my psychology units, waiting to start at Lincoln uni via transfer During my time studying counselling I really learnt how many odds I am beating simply by even trying to complete a degree. My background more commonly results in suicide, drugs, crime and no education at all. I wanna do this degree for myself but I also want to do it for all the people that couldn't because life just handing them too much s***. I wanna prove that having a serious mental illness isn't a barrier to certain careers or achieving academically. Mostly I wanna prove to myself that my abusers haven't beaten me. I know I've already achieved so much but the degree is what I lost the first time around when I finally broke under the weight of everything.

    After every time I had a child, I went back to uni. Which is how I've ended up with a PhD.

    Great bunch of replies here and very inspirational too!

    I'm 27 now and finally taking the plunge into going uni in order to obtain my first ever bachelors degree (BSc in Business and Information Systems) because I actually want to specialise in a field now and as someone who has grown to love IT and Business, the BSc in Business and Information Systems is the perfect course for me.

    I in no way regret waiting 9 years before doing a bachelors degree (ok... maybe a little thanks to tuition fees jumping from £3500 when I was 18 to £9000 now I am 27!!!!!) because it has given me the chance to work in various jobs and get a feel for what I actually like doing before deciding to go for a degree in that field for career progression purposes and also to open doors to allowing me to work abroad.

    A lot of my friends envy my choice of going uni now because they done their degrees pretty much immediately after leaving college (back in 2005/6) and studied subjects which they withdrew from midway through due to boredom or they have lost interest after working in those fields (Law, Media, Fashion, Computer Science etc etc).

    Edit: I will be studying part time in the evenings over 4 years while working a Monday - Friday 9-5 job

    I dropped out of school at 16 with my standard grades (GCSE's) due to illness. At 4 I was diagnosed with chronic juvenile idiopathic arthritis and at 12 I was diagnosed with uveitis (inflammatory eye condition). By the age of 16 I felt like no one was ever going to want me, let alone hire me. I dropped out. I fell pregnant at 18 and decided that I wanted to raise my family and see them grow up for as long as I could. It is pretty certain that I will one day be completely blind (already lost sight in one eye). Now all three of my happy and healthy children are in full time education, I'm embarking on my own journey. To better myself so that I can provide a better future and more secure upbringing for my children.

    I'll be 29 next month.
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Updated: August 21, 2016
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