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Post EU referendum economic downturn continues, and looks set to do so

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    Another Brexit lie is unravelling.

    Before the referendum, anyone who suggested the economy would take a hit was called a scare monger.

    After the referendum, when the economy did take a hit, we were told it was a knee jerk reaction. Things would recover and there was nothing to worry about.

    Well it seems that the economic uncertainty predicted by the experts/scare mongers (depending on what side of the fence you're on) was true - and is still having an affect.

    A flash report 10 days ago announced a .4% reduction in GDP and the British economy shrinking at a rate not seen since 2009.*

    A revised report reveals that the picture is actually worse than expected.*

    All this means that savers look set to be clobbered again, with the Bank of England (one of the aforementioned experts) looking set to cut interest rates.*

    And all this is before we actually leave the EU. *

    Yeah but at least we've TAKEN BACK CONTROL (for the politicians owned by businesses and Rupert Murdoch)
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