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Feeling let down? Demotivated? Stuck? Insecure? Low self esteem?

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    Feel like you are trying but nothing is working? Others putting you down? Here is some short motivation from a speech by Les Brown

    " How do we develop self esteem? Well you have to fortafy yourself I believe that you have to monitor your inner conversation, start talking to yourself. Start building yourself up, sometimes the only good things you will hear about yourself are the things that you say to yourself. Learn to be your own booster, start buidling yourself up,start encouraging yourself. Start saying "I can do this", "I can make this happen". When I started convincing myself that I can become a bussinessman after flopping and losing thousands of dollars and feeling stupid and dumb, and having people take advantage of me because of what I didn't know. I had to talk to myself ,because told me that I was dumb and at the back of my head somewhere I was thinking they are right look at what I have done.

    I had to say no no no Les hey HEY HEY cmon man get yourself together you can handle this you just haven't figured it out yet. Its alright this is just your training period, this is just tuition for that that you already do not know. You can do this other people have done it, doesn't take an Einstein.

    Understand that noone is going to take care of your business better than you. When I changed that mindset that I had of beating myself up because of my previous mistakes, and instead starting thinking about the possibilities of me doing better making the adjustments that will enable me to do what I want to do sucessfully."

    *flies away*

    I'd also add - if something isn't working, change your strategy.
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Updated: August 3, 2016
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