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‘Rioting’ migrants in Calais burn lorry after storming ring road to port

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    RIOTING Calais migrants set fire to a lorry as they blocked roads with debris and made a mass bid to reach Britain last night, according to reports in the port town.

    Pictures emerged on social media of a charred truck which locals say was set alight by gangs of asylum seekers who stormed the ring road leading to the port.

    Describing a “night of violence” campaign groups in the lawless northern French town described witnessing a “riot” as migrants attempted to slow lorries headed for the UK.

    According to reports they piled up debris on the motorway and set fire to it to force trucks to slow down, so that they could smash the locks and stow away inside.

    The latest night of violence comes as the population of the Jungle camp continues to swell despite French police attempts to dismantle it, with a new census revealing it is now home to a massive 7,300 people all hoping to sneak into Britain.

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    God, I hope they didn't succeed. Time to use lethal force tbh.

    Behind almost every big migrant riot is a far left anarchist group stirring up trouble, hopefully they will be found and imprisoned
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Updated: August 2, 2016
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