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The breast paradox

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    (Original post by ForgettingWhatsername)
    Twanging someone's bra strap and telling women to cover up their nipples (when men don't have to)
    Men are required to cover up their nipples in most situations. Stop spouting nonsense.
    (Original post by ForgettingWhatsername)
    No, I don't think female nipples should be seen as something inherently sexual.
    You can't decide what is attractive for other people.

    (Original post by Virgil.)
    No, the real aim of FTN is to remove stigma around women being sluts / them being sexually uninhibited.

    I also think its a clear example of feminist hoodwinking. Feminists know women being topless in public would lead to more sexual harassment of women, which would give support to their claims/complaints and make them seem more credible.
    Most FTN campaigners don't want to walk topless in the streets (very few would use that "right"), but show their naked selfies on their Instagram/Facebook.

    (Original post by Josb)
    Most FTN campaigners don't want to walk topless in the streets (very few would use that "right", but show their naked selfies on their Instagram/Facebook.
    So what I said before - they're just attention whores who dont want the stigma of being slutty and attention seeking.

    Lols they seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that reason there is a stigma is because those are undesirable qualities..

    (Original post by 13 1 20 8 42)
    Well sneaking up behind a guy and playing with his nipples seems rather sexual in intent. Nibbling on someone's ear lobe seems rather sexual in intent. Kissing someone or sticking your finger in their mouth seems rather sexual in intent. Many invasions of personal space can be construed as sexual in spite of whether or not they involve an inherently sexual body part. That said, twanging a bra strap obviously should not be seen as as serious as, for instance, groping someone's genitalia.
    Exactly this. It's not about whether something is inherently sexual, it's very situational. I've had my dad snap my bra straps as a joke before, in a childish manner. However if a stranger was to do that on the tube and then proceed to give me a wink or bite their lip, then it would be a whole different story, I would definitely see that as something sexual. On the other hand, if someone did that whilst complaining about women's indecency and and not covering shoulders (silly example) it would just be normal harassmemt.

    A different thing to also look at is that a bra is part of lingerie, which is why messing with it can easily be seen as sexual. Lingerie can include things that cover the stomach, and stockings that go over the knee. That doesn't make these body parts sexual, even though if someone was to snap a woman's stocking it would easily go as sexual harassment. Point being that if anything, then it's the clothing that's inherently sexual here, and not the body part.

    As for FTN, if it's ok for my legs to sometimes be covered up, sometimes be sexy with lingerie, and sometimes just plainly be naked without being sexual, then why can it not be the case for breasts?

    tits or ass op?
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    Even if it is done with no sexual connotation, just someone being a childish pita, I've still seen reports of "sexual assault" being cried. I know obviously there are sensible people out there who wouldn't, my point is though that the ones who do are often a similar group to those who would support the "desexualisation" of the breast. I'm just curious the logic behind someone holding both views.
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Updated: August 4, 2016
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