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Presenting at an international conference

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    I'm going in to my 4th year soon and an audit I've done in January have been accepted by an international conference to present it as an eposter in October (literally don't know how, I've applied thinking it won't get selected but there's no harm in trying). It's all good news but the registration fee is uber expensive (I guess this is how they make profit), and was wondering whether do I actually need to attend the conference in order to include this as my extra curricular things for FPAS in the future? (As in will I need my registeration certificate or some solid material to proof that I've presented it at an international stage).

    Yes, you do have to be there to say you presented it. Have you asked the team you were working with if there is any funding available for you to go to the conference? Some departments do have funding available for students.

    Congratulations on getting your work accepted

    Bear in mind that an international conference doesn't actually give you any points on the standard FPAS application. It's something that would help for an Academic Foundation application though. Also, it's probably useful to do for your CV in general.

    As well as your hospital department, it's worth asking your medical school if they can offer you any funding.

    But yeah, conferences are expensive. It sucks, I guess most people are just paying for the CV points really.

    you are right. it is a money making scam...
    all the conferences are in on it nowadays

    (Original post by Jamie)
    you are right. it is a money making scam...
    all the conferences are in on it nowadays
    Pretty much this, the rise of the student conference has also meant every man and his dog can present even the faintest hint of an audit.

    To the OP, in the future it may be worth looking at those conferences that waive the attendance fee for those who are presenting. They tend to be the larger specialty conferences and are slightly harder to get into but you'll save yourself cash and they're often stand out names on the CV.
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