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Getting to teaching

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    Hi everyone this may sound like a stupid question but i'm looking to get into teaching, media to be exact, i've been doing some research but I am still confused. I'm currently about to start my first year in uni studying media and communications however once I complete my degree will I then need to do a PGCE and then be on my way to becoming a teacher or is there a lot more to it than that? I'm really confused and if anyone could shed some light on this I would be so thankful. I am also aware that if you want to become a media teacher you will usually have to do another subject alongside that such as English so that would probably be a better degree choice but again i'm not fully certain if this is the case.

    There are many routes into teaching, but yes, the PGCE is the route I did. I got my degree and went for the PGCE straight after, and now I am ready to go for september.

    If your 100% focused on being a teacher, some English would be an advantage, yes.
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    That's amazing congrats! The PGCE I will be doing is for Media and English. Do you think this will be enough or should I consider changing my course from Media and Communications to something more English based? I did do English Language as an A-Level and didn't really enjoy it. Just out of interest what did you get a degree in if you don't mind me asking? Thank you for the quick reply!

    My degree is in mathematics, so you may want to wait for someone to reply who has done an English or media PGCE.

    I would say however that I would be hesitant to advise anyone to do a 3 year degree in a subject they are not fully committed to. A degree is likely to be one of the most challenging things you will ever do, so make it something you enjoy.

    If your sure you want to do a PGCE start looking at specific courses and see what the entry requirements are. You may have the option to do a English PGCE even with a straight media degree. I have friends on my PGCE whose degree does not correlate to the subject they are now teaching.

    You need at least 50% of your degree to be your chosen PGCE.

    You can choose to do a QTS which is cheaper and grants you the basic teaching qualification.
    PGCE grants you MA credits, and QTS.

    You need a minimum of C or above in Maths/English at GCSE
    You need to complete your Numeracy and Literacy skills tests.
    You need at least 10 days experience within your chosen phase (primary/secondary).

    Media isn't a shortage subject, so you may struggle to get a job and may have to co-teach another subject.
    Once you pass your PGCE, you're technically able to teach any subject, you just need to teach yourself the content first.

    (Original post by Snow Child)
    If you are so certain you want to teach, and you haven't yet started uni - why didn't you apply for a B.Ed degree instead? Just curious.
    I'm sure that's mostly for those who want to teach primary: it doesn't allow you to specialise
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Updated: August 10, 2016
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