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Psychology and Access to HE.

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    Hi, all! I'm returning to my studies in September (fingers crossed) after being out since leaving school in 2009 and just had a few questions for those who have been in a similar situation.

    I'm hoping to study Psychology at uni and am taking an access to he course in September. I have the interview for the course on in a few weeks' time at the end of August, and have applied for the health studies pathway instead of the direct psychology route as the health studies one has got biology and chemistry running alongside the psychology class rather than the history and sociology on the psychology pathway, and the bio/chem classes interest me more. I've emailed all the uni's I'm interested in to check and they've verified they'll accept either. I was just wondering if anyone had applied to psychology via a health studies or similar pathway instead of the specific psychology one? And, either way, if I'm making a bit of a mistake choosing the health studies pathway instead?

    Also, any tips/advice for both starting the access to he course in general and applying to psychology would be helpful too!



    I'm not doing psychology but in my Access class there were tons of people who were applying for it. The impression I got was that unis are quite lenient on which type of Access you're doing, so long as you get the required grades in the psychology units and any other. Both of your course choices sound better suited to psychology than mine: we did a humanities/social science course encompassing english lit, law, politics, sociology and psychology. We did very little in depth psychology work and lots of people got offers.

    The only thing I would say is while getting an offer may be pretty straightforward, it might be a good idea to look at the modules of the uni courses you like, and see which Access course would be the best in preparation. For instance, if you like Psychology at, say, Manchester, and their course is heavily science based, then the health studies would give you the best knowledge foundation for sure


    I've just completed an Access Course. I went in via the health route way (Psych, Biology & Sociology). I double checked with the Uni that this was fine and I started at Aston in October, finishing with distinctions in every unit.
    I personally believe that there wasn't enough Psychology involved however when I attended an open day at Aston the admissions tutor and senior lecturer told us all to forget what we had learned in college as it will be totally different at uni.

    When applying on UCAS I ensured that I used my work and life experience & how it prompted my thirst for studying psychology.
    I was so nervous before I started the access course but if you keep on top of your assignments and follow the brief in detail you'll be fine.
    Feel free to message me if you have any questions.
    Good luck 😘

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