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Western moral superiority and the actual reality

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    (Original post by nemomeimpunit1)
    I refer you to this quote.
    My proposal is a simple sketch only, that would be applied with several systems to assure necessary level of freedom and security. Moreover, history shows that truly enlighted dictators (NOT stupid maniacs) such as Mark Aurelius, Claudius. Julian the Apostate were generous and liberal. We may also add an example of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who's contribution for turning Turkey into modern, secular state was enormous, and this effect in Turkish culture would not be achieved if not made through dictatorship. (Issue often forgotten these days is that democracy, secular law, and tolerance for different opinions in Europe required hudreds years of wars, debates, and gradual evolution, nor Middle East, nor Turkey do not have such traditions)
    Also note that Plato refused to join the cruel dictatorship in Athens, although they proposed him to take part in rule.
    Nowadays we have much better knowledge about systems of thinking, logic, and scientifical data, it should be possible to create some proper criteria for choosing the rulers, as well as some sort of safety vent. Certainly, I would prefer academics and MENSA members to introduce a new system of government, istead of living in countries ruled by demagogues, hoping that another Hitler, will not be elected, nor that Sharia law will be voted to become offical law. Of course, though both unlikely, it seems much more possible that one of these two may happen (well, Hitler was elected), than democracy will ever allow itself to be removed, though some democratic procedurs would be still used in dictatorship as tool of solving deadlock situations inside the government, and a safety tool that would prevent cruelty.

    (Original post by Nu Garage)
    We're always told that Anglo European freedom and democracy is superior to everything else and that freedom of expression, the rule of law, equal rights for women, atheism/secularism, capitalism rather socialism - all triumph over everything But the results just dont portray this rhetoric,

    Instead we have:

    - Falling academic achievement among whites (even middle classes)
    - Teen pregnancies
    - STDs
    - Alcohol abuse
    - Drug, cigarette and substance abuse
    - Gambling
    - Obesity
    - Family breakdown
    - Single parents
    - Children scattered around
    - Geriatric mothers,
    - Infertility, - Especially falling fertility rate of the middle class
    - Disrespect for the elderly
    - Lack of community solidarity

    I would advocate harder punishments to really cleanse the society and morally tighten it up, but then if one suggests women should toe the line normally they run the risk of being branded a barbaric misogynist.
    we have liberty.
    liberty is politically moral.
    there. done.

    It always gives me a good chuckle whenever I see people who genuinely think that every White person is broke, addicted to drugs, an alcoholic and a teenage parent.

    (Original post by 999tigger)
    So elaborate on the cleansing you would undertake and the punishments you would give out to women. What would be your mandate?
    Which part of my statement suggested that only women need tougher punishments? Let's try and not digress.

    defiantly not perfect, and I would argue its heading in a worrying direction...

    But then what are we comparing it to?

    Middle eastern society? Absolute mess, bar a few exceptions
    South Asian society? Imrpoving but still big problems around
    East Asian society? very strong performances in some areas, but also huge problems in others (I live here currently)
    African society? Still huge problems, namely corruption, and none have yet excelled (bar south africa)
    South american society? Improving, but still huge problems with corruption drugs, and similar moral issues to the west.

    For any of those parts of the world, you could make a list as big as yours of problems they face, and areas of worry..

    I dont think any should hold absolute morality over an other, but there are valid comparisons on specific issues between different cultures..

    That's why the best thing we can do, is probably to study philosophy, logic, sciences, be open minded and try to be the very best we can, as individuals.
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Updated: August 9, 2016
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