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Is it sinful to listen to and/or watch things that contain profanity?

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    Is it sinful to watch movies, tv shows, listen to music and read books the contain profanities? (Christian)

    If the good Lord didn't want you to listen to profanity. He wouldn't have made it available.But seriously it depends on whether it encourages sinful behaviour(e.g lust, greed). Blasphemy would probably be a big no no too. Growing up a Christian my parents used to reiterate things like " you are from the world but not of the world"). Interpret that how you will.

    (Original post by Paranoid_Glitch)
    Is it sinful to watch movies, tv shows, listen to music and read books the contain profanities? (Christian)
    Let me put it that way: what you consider sinful depends entirely on your attitude towards your religion and God.

    For a moment imagine that instead of God we are talking about your mum. Would you listen to a song where she is openly insulted? And I don't mean criticized, but actually insulted. I would not and I think most people wouldn't enjoy it. Same goes for movies.

    Now I the problem here is what do you consider profanities. Is it anything that goes against the Bible (in this case)? If you watch a film about a guy cheating on his wife is this a profanity? My borderline actually stretches as far as people questioning his existence or feeling anger that he allows all the evil to happen here on Earth. For me mocking him, religion or religious people is what puts me off. And to be fair there's just a handful of things I don't listen to/don't watch like black metal and some messed up movies. I'm a rock fan, listen to plenty of bands that usually have nothing to do with Christianity, but as long as they don't intentionally mock my beliefs.
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Updated: August 2, 2016
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