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What is she playing at and what do I do??

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    So I will try and keep this as brief as possible but could do with some help deciphering what the hell is going in in relation to a girl I've known for a month.

    So we met online and after a few exchanges (which got very steamy on the phone and more then once) met in person. We got on well, got physical (not sex) and close and we kept in close touch and calls thereafter. The following two weeks after that I was really busy with work and she was out of town so didn't get a chance to meetup. I was then going on holiday and noticed she seemed a little distant and different.

    During the holiday I didn't really message her aside from a snapchat as I didn't want to be on my phone. Since I have been back however other than a reply to a WhatsApp message I have not heard anything from her at all. Even after two WhatsApp messages and a phone call I haven't heard anything back.

    I keep getting these random personal Snapchats from her however I am not reading too much into that as I think she's sending it to a bunch of people. I don't know what I should do, should I ask her what's up and make an effort (I do not want to appear needy and desperate by doing this), I do like her but I am not sure if she is annoyed at me and that I should do something?

    In my mind I am preparing for leaving this and moving on as I do not think I have done anything to warrant this.

    Anyway thoughts would be greatly appreciated as this is brining me down a bit.

    Ask her what's up
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    (Original post by Megan_Daisy)
    Ask her what's up
    I've already tried to start two convos and tried calling without her picking up. The only thing I haven't done is to send a 'whats going on message' or to ask what this is all about directly...

    This is what I an not sure of as to whether or not I should do it....

    Maybe you should confront her on this?

    Ask to hang out again then, don't be passive, give her a specific time and place.
    If she says no, she's not interested.
    If she doesn't reply, she's not interested.
    If she says no but asks for a different date, great.
    If she says yes, great.
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Updated: August 2, 2016
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