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University of Sheffield - How good is it?

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    Hi guys

    So i just sat my A-levels (well not just) anyway, i really think i done quite well personally i now think i achieved well past my target grades and got a minimum of 2 A* and 2 As i was targeted 2 Bs and 2 Cs

    Anyway based on those targets i did not really aspire too highly for Law, and my firm choice is Sheffield.

    However how good is it? I really want to go through Adjustment because i feel Sheffield is not really as good as Warwick, LSE etc but many people say it is just as good as it is a RG.

    So can anyway shed some light on whether i would be foolish to go to Sheffield?

    I aspire to be a barrister in Cooperate Law but as of right now i am between Criminal or Cooperate. Regardless i aim to secure a pupillage or even a TC as a top firm so will a 1st from Sheffield or a 2:1 going to be sufficient??

    Sheffield is definitely not as prestigious as the top London unis etc but it is a solid Russell group university which is visited by all the major law firms during the recruitment season and for the law fair. The moot court is sponsored by slaughter and may and last year we had a lot of visits from firms like Allen and overy, herbert smith freehills, Freshfields, RPC, Clifford Chance and more. It's got quite the history of getting graduates into the legal profession and is particularly good for producing barristers from what I have heard. Herbert smith freehills are really keen to get Sheffield students to apply because one of the partners went there and he said not enough apply- not because there not good enough, but because many stay in Sheffield post graduation. in last years intake for addleshaw Goddard, the university of Sheffield was the most common unis prospective trainees came from. Many of the teaching staff were formerly practicing in law firms such as Freshfields and Allen and overy and some still do on a consultancy basis. Source- I am a Sheffield law student about to enter my second year this September and will be applying for vacation schemes

    Did you visit and like Sheffield? If you did then great go for it, enjoying a law school environment will probably help your marks. If you didn't like it and just chose it because you saw Russell Group and marks you could achieve then I would consider looking elsewhere and finding a law school you can see yourself being happy at.

    Go to the best Uni you can. Its a bit of an odd question when you are asking is Sheffield as good as the top universities. Agree above its solid Russle group. Of you cna get inot Oxbridge and get a first, then go there.

    I can give you an insight of the city and the areas around the University.

    Generally the Uni's look great and they're always new Uni buildings being built.
    The student accommodations all have a bus stop near by which means it's a quick bus ride to the Uni.
    From what I've heard it's a great University for Sciences and Maths, and people excel fairly well.
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Updated: August 4, 2016
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