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Healthier food should be much cheaper!!

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    I'm 15 and I'm a secondary school student. I can choose whether or not if I want to be school dinners (£10 a week sometimes £12.50)or packed lunch (pocket money buying a meal outside) £2 a day. Most of the time I'm late to school so when I go in a shop to buy lunch I quickly buy something (so I won't miss the bus) is buy something like £1 crisp and ribena for lunch.

    HOWEVER!!! The days that I am early I have time to go into supermarkets like Tesco or Morrisons, and if I wanted to buy a decent packed lunch meal (like a sandwich) ONE pack would cost £2.60 or £1.80 which is basically all my money gone! Even if I asked my mum to higher the amount of money I receive to £2.50 I still wouldn't afford to buy a drink because it would cost much more. I mean seriously Tescos? £1.31 for a bottle of oasis? But when I look over to the sweets and biscuit section there would be 57p Chocolate digestives or 46p tortilla chips. How are we suppose to eat healthy and not become obese if all of the healthy stuff cost so much. Honestly in primary school I was soooooooo skinny and I feel like most of the weight I've gain was from the poor lunches decisions I unfortunately make. (I'm not obese no offence)

    There should be a student discount (not the uni one) for secondary schoolers for meals

    P.s Believe it or not I'm a quadruplet so me and my brothers all receive £10-12.50 a week so it wouldn't really be easy to just higher the amount of pocket money we receive.

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    I agree healthier food should be cheaper, your best bet is to start making your lunch from home.

    Supermarket sandwiches generally aren't a healthy option anyways, they have too many carbs, fats and empty calories. Start saving your money and heating healthy from home by making your packed lunch the night before.

    A good packed lunch, in my opinion would be a meat portion, with vegetables and some sweet potato, and a bit of fruit.

    Another fantastic option, that most people don't think about are shakes and smoothies. I mix oats, nuts, seeds, bananas, peanut butter and cocoa powder (and protein whey) together to make a delicious, cheap, time efficient shake. I make enough for three portions at one go, and they're always filling.

    A special mention goes out to eggs. I softboil and devour 3 everyday in one go. The options are there if you're willing to look for them.

    agreed they should!
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Updated: August 3, 2016
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