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ALERT: Check the bank account details on your SF application

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    Every year, we see posts from folks whose SF money has been paid into the wrong bank account. Sometimes they have mistyped the number by one or two digits, sometimes an unknown person has been able to access their account and completely change the bank details. Either way, many never see that money again.

    If your money goes into the wrong bank account, there is no quick or easy way of getting it back. It sounds ridiculous, but if the money goes into the account stated in your application, then the recipient has the right to keep it and you will not be able to find out who they are. They are not obliged to give that money back to the bank. If they are honest and do so, you will still have to formally prove that money is yours. A thread in this section shows someone still trying to get their money back, nearly a year later.

    If SF or your bank pay your money into an incorrect account but it is the one given in your application, then they will have followed your instructions. You then have an uphill struggle on your hands. Neither SF nor your bank will be actively helpful unless their hand is forced. Nobody will have your back and you will be dealing with the situation on your own.

    Seriously - check those numbers on the SF system, and check them a couple more times before your first payment is due, If you have dyslexia, discalculia etc., get someone else to check for you. Bank sort code and account number. Double-check that they are the exact details for your bank account and change them if not. The bank won't check the name on the account. They just work on the numbers.

    Unless you can support yourself without your Maintenance Loan, this could be the difference between going to uni and being forced to drop out.

    *thread stuck*

    It's worth getting a family member to copy & paste the account number and details into their online banking to transfer 1p to you to check the details are right.

    Also anyone who hasn't yet sorted out their student bank account - GET ON IT. (http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/stu...t-bank-account is a good guide to what is available)
    You can usually apply now for the account and then just take in your AS12 letter after results in a couple of weeks to get the account "student-ified". Then if your account details have changed you can get them updated on your SF records well before the money comes in.
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Updated: August 25, 2016
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