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word and PowerPoint

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    I'm not very clued up on Microsoft software, but need to install word and PowerPoint on my laptop. Is there a student version of these with a one off payment or do you have to pay a yearly subscription?

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    (Original post by bibliboo)
    I'm not very clued up on Microsoft software, but need to install word and PowerPoint on my laptop. Is there a student version of these with a one off payment or do you have to pay a yearly subscription?

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    You might be able to get it free via your university


    Edit to add: e.g. Leeds

    If you can't get it for free like the user above said, then just buy one of the older versions of Microsoft Word mate, they still work just fine for general purpose and will be cheaper. You just buy the software once and that's it, it's yours - no yearly subscription. Cheapest place you'll find it is probably eBay or Amazon.

    Google docs/sheets/slides etc is what I'm currently using (too broke for that Microsoft life) and they're quite good free alternatives.
    It also autosaves which is great if you're stupid like me :rolleyes:

    Check if your university can offer a free or discounted version of the software first. This is the ideal route.

    The basic version you're looking for is Office Home and Student. You can find the link here (£119.99 on the right):


    This is a default for life licence and will mean you technically never need to buy office again. If you have a household with multiple people needing office you may find a subscription service to be more helpful in the long run.

    If you only plan to use office while at university then consider the university option:


    You get a 4 year licence which will be fine for uni use.

    If that's still more than you'd like set up a free hotmail email account (if you don't already have one) and make use of the free online version. It's not super efficient as everything is saved to your OneDrive but it's also accessible anywhere. Again your university may help with this, you may get a uni email address that allows you to use it and they may even offer more OneDrive storage. This is the free way of doing it.

    If you don't need a modern copy you can find the 2013 version of office here:


    £99.95 for a permanent licence or £52.98 for the uni version. They also have a slightly discounted 2016 version which is cheaper than buying from Microsoft.

    You've got quite a few options there, personally if you're looking for the easiest, cheapest one time payment option I'd go with the 2016 uni version. Software4students requires you to set up a verified student account so it's a bit of a pain to navigate. Going with the free online version is cheaper but generally more hassle (and not convenient if you have lots of stuff to store).

    On top of all this there's no actual necessity to use Office. Something free like OpenOffice works fine:

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    Thanks very much guys.

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Updated: August 3, 2016
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