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Canada or the US could have Ireland in a union(If the EU is over)?

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    If the EU breaks up, with the Eurozone, Ireland will never want to be in a position where it could be softened up gradually for UK rule-The US or Canada, especially(more left leaning)could propose 'loose' political union with Ireland if they wanted it.
    I still think, in a wider context, the North American don't have much appetite for this type of thing and the UUK may still have it. They were the colonized, and now they seem to favour individualism and occasionally bombing the hell out of places. I don't think colonialism is their temperament generally, however Ireland is a special case with proximity and so many links going back.

    What do you think?

    Ireland will probably leave and enter into the commonwealth free trade agreement if the UK ever sets it up (Aussy, NZ, Canada, UK, Ireland, Gibraltar, Scotland?).

    If Trump gets in and trashes NAFTA and stops TPP, this is all the more likely.

    Why do some people think that in the future countries have to inherently merge together with others in political unions? Under what scenario is the UK going to 'soften up' and take over Ireland by stealth?
    The much likely scenario is Ireland just remains independent and joins another trade bloc.
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Updated: August 3, 2016
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