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READY FOR WAR: US leads 13 nations on major naval drill in preparation for Asia war

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    WARSHIPS and submarines from 13 countries have carried out a drill to prepare for a potential war with China, North Korea or other enemy groups in east Asia.

    About 25,000 servicemen and women and 40 warships massed in the Pacific Ocean to participate in Rimpac 16, the world's largest international maritime exercise.

    The US Navy says the purpose of the two-week exercise is to build strategic partnership between participating nations and increase safety across the world's sea lanes and oceans.

    However the drill will be seen as a warm up for potential conflict with China over disputed islands in the South China sea.

    China's navy agreed to send five ships to the exercise despite rising tensions between the world powers over their military build-up.

    Beijing's flotilla, including two warships and a hospital ship, participated in live fire, anti-piracy, search and rescue and other drills.

    Rimpac is also being viewed as a warning to North Korea that Washington's influence remains unbowed in the Pacific region.

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    Lol, so it's an exercise that might be preparing for a war with China, but they invited China to be in it.

    It will may a difference to all the recent wars on our doorstep
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Updated: August 3, 2016
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