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Advice on fixing mountain bike?

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    I'm not sure where else to put this but here it goes:

    I rely on my mountain bike a lot. I use it most days to get around and I just got hired for a job at a hotel on the outskirts of Edinburgh (yay!) it's only about 2km away and it's along a nice cycle path so I thought I could just cycle rather than drag my mum out of bed.

    However, my brother broke the bike today doing some stupid manoeuvre to show off (he did the same to his own mountain bike and took mine without asking while I was at the job interview).

    The pedal (on the crank arm side) has come clean off so I think he's been doing one of the skids that broke the last bike as he did something similar there. I reattached the crank/pedal and the chain and i found that the crank is missing the nut that held it in place.

    I'm due to start work sometime next week after my induction process and I'm very worried. Our nearest bike shop is miles away and I've no way of getting there and I need this bike urgently. However, my brothers old bike has a nut still attached. I'm furious at him and I'm tempted to remove the nut from his bike in order to fix mine and to teach him a lesson.

    Any advice for removing the nut from one bike and transferring it to another? Is there a specific tool id need to use or could I just use the crowbar/hammer combo id planned?

    Could you not buy some online or in a local shop? If not then use his for payback xD. To remove it you can use spanners, a wrench, or even you fingers. Most parts can be taken off with a no 5 spanner.

    Was it the pedal coming off or the crank coming off? Bit confused.

    The pedal on the left hand side is a reverse thread, so to take it off your brothers bike you need to be turning it clockwise. It could also be seized so get some wd40/MO94 in there to try to penetrate it. Finally check the threads on your crank to see whether or not they have been damaged/stripped by the pedal coming off.

    If its the crank, ignore the above, because that isn't a reverse thread. The nut however needs to be the same type/size, otherwise it won't fit on yours.
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Updated: August 5, 2016
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