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Psychology Postgraduate Looking for a Flat!

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    Hey everyone!

    I very recently found out that I'll be doing my Master's next year at Edinburgh Uni! However this does mean that I'm clambering to find a place to stay come September. If anyone is needing a new flatmate or could give me any tips/connections then I would be really grateful!


    I know I am late but in case you haven't found anything (or someone else reading this is in the same boat as you were) here is the strategy that worked best for me and my friends:

    See links below. Open one of them, fill in search criteria, show all results. Open all links of first page in new tab. For each tab: first look at location (map), if good then leave tab open. Ignore the pics for now because you will waste time. Go to next tab, repeat, for all tabs. When done, go back to first tab with first apartment/room, scan the page for details like "no students" and "contract/tenure starts XX", if these are fine take your phone and call. 60-75% chance it will be taken / not for students / not good for whatever reason. If good then immediately arrange viewing, and bookmark or save the link of this room/apartment (and time/date of viewing). Close tab, go to next tab, repeat for each tab. Repeat for each page. Repeat for each website.

    Basically call call call, view view view. Even if you get a viewing there is not a big chance of getting the place. If you like the place while at the viewing, and are fine living there, DO NOT HESITATE (unless you have an ocean of time and patience), tell them you want it and do the required things (like making a deposit), because even then it is not certain that you will get the place!

    Calling advice: You're gonna be doing a lot of calling. So best make it short and snappy. The easiest/fastest call that should cover all/most of what you need to know would probably go like this:
    - AGENT: "Hello, this is X from Y company, how may I help?"
    - YOU: "Good morning/afternoon/evening, I am calling in regards to the apartment on [insert street name and number here]. I was wondering if it's still available?"
    - AGENT: "Yes / no"; if yes:
    - YOU: "Great! Is it open to students?"
    - AGENT: "Yes / no"; is yes:
    - YOU: "Okay thank you! When is the next viewing?"
    --> You want to get to the earliest next viewing. 90+% of places get taken after the first viewing, especially if the place is decent.

    Extra (IMPORTANT): Make sure you have at least one or two references of previous accommodation landlords (if you dont have this yet then get them ASAP while arranging viewings for apartments.

    Extra (useful): If you are a 3rd/4th year / postgraduate student, best mention this. In general landlords give preference to professionals, but many will consider "mature" students (1st/2nd years are less lucky in this regard).


    Good luck!
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Updated: August 14, 2016
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