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Commuting to Sussex from North London

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    Hi, I'm going to be attending a Masters at Sussex this year and I'm currently deciding between commuting from North London to Sussex or finding a place to rent in Brighton or preferably Falmer. Has anyone got any insight or had to make a similar journey and would recommend for or against it?

    Crazy idea

    But you can get the train from Mill Hill Broadway to Gatwick or any number of coaches from Golders Green

    You're gonna be relying on the Southern/South Eastern rail network, so all I can really do is wish you good luck.

    North London to Falmer is going to be an incredibly long journey, not to mention stupidly expensive in rail fares. Even with Brighton's absurd rent prices, it's going to be cheaper for you to move home.

    I wouldn't advise trying to do that trip regularly. It will take hours each way, assuming everything runs on time.

    I've fairly regularly made the trip from Brighton to North London and back by both train and car and it's not quick.

    If by train, once you get to Brighton you'll then need to get a bus out to Falmer campus.

    So depending on how often and the times of day you need to be at the university, it wouldn't really be a feasible option to commute down.

    I commuted to Bromley from North London for a while and it was awful. Your journey will be much longer and thus much more awful.

    I commute from Kent (almost East Sussex) to Central London for uni, which takes me about two hours each way if the trains are running on time. I don't mind trains and I get a lot of work done on my journey, but it's still pretty hard (especially when SouthEastern stops working ). I just can't afford London prices and it worked out cheaper for me this way.

    It is possible to commute from Sussex to London, but I wouldn't recommend what I do to anyone who doesn't like mornings (I often have to get up at 6am) and trains. Brighton to North London is insane - you could do it but it will cost you a fortune and you won't get much free time. Unless it's impossible for you to move closer then I'd recommend against it!
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Updated: August 4, 2016
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