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Required to withdraw, where do I go from here...

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016
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    I had breakdowns upon receiving the letter. I have been in the University for about 2 years. Upon. failing 5 courses of the total 10 courses because I do not have the resources or money to take more. I have received an incredibly low gpa from the result of my failed grades. I have already accepted that everything was my mistake, for sccumbing to my depression upon seeing a low mark on my tests or papers I would always let that detor me from doing any better because I am rooted in the thought of, "what's the use if this is all I can get." I have already established a plan, retake the courses I have failed online that accepts rtw students and then get back into that University but in open studies not by readdmiting into my program because I do need to do more upgrading before I can get back into University.However, because I will be taking online courses and open studies I am afraid that I will not be able to recieve loans to fund my academic process. I really do not have the money to fund it myself, I am trying to find a job sending resumes everywhere. But hypothetically speaking even if I get back into University and get into my required program whats the use... Rtw stays on my transcript will places even hire me with that... I am really at a lost...

    Don't think uni is for you, you seem a bibit immature

    Is this the UK?

    Its all a bit unclear.

    If you had a medical issue such as depression, then dod uoi get it diagnosed, by your GP , were you receiving treatment? If you were ill then maybe you cna appeal for extenuating circumstances, but they have to know about things to do anything. You should explore that possibility by yalking to your tutor or ab advisor at your SU. Maybe even the careers people.

    there is normally a wat round things, but you will need to tiday up what happened at uni and explore every avenue to make sure you havent missed soemthing. If you were geuinely medically ill, then you may be able to appeal about funding. Book an appointment with an advisor as son as you can.

    (Original post by Rorytymon)
    Don't think uni is for you, you seem a bibit immature
    How do you equate being depressed with immaturity?

    Just to be clear its not impossible to sort out, but you will have to speak to other people that know the system and can make sure your interests are represented,

    You are depressed. I suggest you give yourself a break and get yourself someone to talk to and work through with this depression first. Slowly, you will realise after that when your mind is clearer what you need to and what you can do. What is best for you!
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Updated: August 4, 2016
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