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Past Student - Final Year

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    Afternoon everyone,

    Im hoping someone could help with my query. I attended university 2009-2012 however due to a multitude of reasons my final year became very sporadic and i left midway through the final year. As i didnt officially drop out all my modules/exams went down as non-submissions.

    Now, a few years later, i am in a good place and would love the opportunity to possibly redo my entire final year. I passed the first two years however as said my final year were all non-submissions meaning i failed i imagine.I have enquired with the university who are showing great support however i wanted to get some help on if i am eligible for student finance to retake my whole third year?

    From what ive read they normally allow 3 years plus one year incase you need to resit the year however i am wondering if this is still applicable to myself?

    Any help is massively appreciated
    Thank you.


    The rule regarding previous study states that students are entitled to the ordinary duration of their course plus 1 extra year (OD +1), minus any previous study (PS) if it can be included as per prior guidance. Please see calculation shown below: (OD+1) - PS = Entitlement. Remaining years of entitlement will be awarded in the final years of the course. This means if the remaining entitlement for a 3 year course is 1 year, then the student would receive full funding in year 3.

    If you are only sitting the final year, then you should be entitled to funding for this.

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Updated: August 4, 2016
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