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Advanced higher workload descriptions

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    How much work do you have to do per week or per term like essays, revision and homework ?
    I was just wondering how many books you have to read for the course?

    And i am aware of the dissertation...

    Just some specific info about the workload of the course would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance!

    My experience of AH English wasn't really as structured as your questions imply haha - most of our lessons seemed to have been cobbled together on the day, and even then they were generally more tutorial-esque discussion classes wherein we weren't "taught" as such, but were instead teaching ourselves through a guided discussion of the works

    We were never given set HWs besides "revise for timed essay on Thursday" or "hand in drafts of your folio by date X"
    We also never really settled into a steady essay writing flow - though there were periods of writing one timed every week in our double period, alternating between Textual Analysis and Literary Study essays (Textual Analysis is some scary sh*t so our teacher focused a lot on desensitising us to it)

    Generally speaking you will read 4 books (2 for your dissertation, and two texts studied comparatively in class - e.g I read two novels by Virginia Woolf for my diss. , but in class we studied two Tennessee Williams' plays) alongside a smattering of poems

    It's a great course if you really love literature and the way in which words and literary conventions are played with; but it can leave you stressin' when you've got 5000 words of coursework due, two plays and ten poems to learn for your prelim next week hahaha
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Updated: August 6, 2016
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