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Boyfriend left due to stress and to lessen pain he caused me, will he really come bac

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    My boyfriend of 7 months left me a few days ago. He's very stressed and has a lot on his plate, and i don't really want to say what tbh. He also said he doesn't have to time to give to me and to commit to me in the way that I deserve. We met up the other day, he wants me to still have his stuff. We cuddled, I helped with some of his stress, we talked and kinda sorted some stuff out. We still love each other, and sort of always will, or at least a part of us will always love the other completely.

    What will happen is I'm going to give him time and space to get over the break up and sort his stuff out. I will also help with the main cause of stress from afar, so he still has space but I am helping (kind of hard to say how without giving it away).

    I said to him to message when he's ready, you know my door is always open and my light is always on. My question is, do you really think he'll come back? And will he want to be together? He said "that may be a while", I'm guessing around end of September to the beginning of October but I'm not sure, as long as it's before our anniversary I'll be okay to be with him.

    If he doesn't, I'll be okay. I'm working on myself and I'll be better and more whole for when he comes back. I just want to know what your opinion is on when that will be, if it will actually happen and what he will want?

    I'd say the fact that he still wants you to have his stuff is a good sign. But I'd also say work on yourself for yourself. Not for when he comes back, if he comes back.
    Good that you set a time limit (before your anniversary). Be hopeful, but don't waste your own life in the process of waiting for him. Good Luck
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    Thank you- I will. I'm just worried he might not come back or he won't ever be ready or he'll think it's too late or something...
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Updated: August 5, 2016
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