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Other benefits from doing accountancy at uni?

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    Can anyone tell me the benefits from doing a degree in accountancy other than simply having the degree. As from what I know, after the degree you still have to sign up with a body like ACCA or ICAEW and do nearly the same amount of time to qualify for their qualification?

    Hi Joshua,

    there are numerous benefits of having a degree in accountancy.

    1) 1. Excellent graduate prospects

    Students of accounting stand a decent chance of being professionally employed within 6 months of leaving uni. In fact, the top 10 unis for Accounting & Finance average a Graduate Prospects score of 81.5%.

    2) 2. Graduate schemes

    As our Top Graduate Employers table proves, many of the UK's graduates are employed by financial services firms, with KPMG, Deloitte, and PwC, numbering just a few.

    3) Joint honours

    Accounting & Finance complements other subject areas very well, particularly those which fall under the large umbrella of business. A number of universities offer courses to reflect this fact. Study for a joint honours degree to become a broad business person, an accountant with a second language (particularly useful in a global marketplace), or simply combine with another passion of yours.

    You should consider taking an introductory accounting course to gain an insight into what an accounting degree may entail.

    Hope the above helps!
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Updated: August 8, 2016
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