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    I'm a guy who has never been overly confident - abusive father etc. growing up (not angling for the sympathy vote).

    Anyway, I have, and always have had, a significant issue with my appearance. I cannot stand the sight of myself, religiously avoid photos and even get angry at friends who try to take them (to their bemusement). I have done all that I can imagine will improve my facial aesthetics i.e. hairstyle, dental hygiene, pruning rogue hairs, keeping well-maintained facial hair etc. I have even had several consultations witg plastic surgeons.

    Still though, my problems persist. Supposedly, I have BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) but I think I'm just realistically appraising my situation.

    I'm at a complete loss though, and have no idea how to get past this, or whether I even can...

    Sounds like a mental problem for me. Therapy may help more than more surgeries

    (Original post by Devify)
    Sounds like a mental problem for me. Therapy may help more than more surgeries
    I agree - this issue is definitely deeper than you think. Perhaps speak so someone you trust about it first?

    Also, plastic surgeries are serious and expensive and what happens if you don't like the outcome?

    I'd suggest going for a run every now and then, the endorphins and fresh air may clear your head a bit and maybe even boost your confidence

    The fact you grew up with an abusive father does have significant implications on your mental health. Since you've been abused, the roots of your issues may start there. The reason why you don't like the way you look is perhaps because of your father's violence against you? So please don't blame yourself, when it's not your fault you feel this way.
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Updated: August 5, 2016
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