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BLM protestors block entry to Heathrow and Birmingham airports

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    Idiots. We are not the US, yes there are police problems, but there are simply police corruption problems in general, that have affected huge numbers of white people. They would like to inflame a situation and copy the US, it's all moral narcissism and vanity, the ills of our day.
    And protest in Westminster or at the Police, not towards innocent people going on holiday.

    (Original post by skeptical_john)
    If that stat is true it begs the question how just a society can be if a group is so disenfranchised that the crime rate is high for such a small group of people

    Unless you believe black people are genetically inferior somehow but I'm sure youre not that stupid

    (Original post by TelAviv)
    I wonder if the public/police response to this will actually give them something to whine about
    We can only hope.....

    Around Broadwater farm
    Many Blacks got harmed
    Or cops cast by a charm
    Why they killed unarmed Duggan...


    I understand why. I don't blame you guys...Black Lives Matter.

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    **** like this is exactly why they're getting shot in the first place. They should have been dragged off those roads as soon as the first officers arrived. I don't care who you are or what your cause, you can't go blocking major transport links and making life a misery for tens of thousands of people. Anyone who missed a flight because of these imbeciles should be legally allowed to sue them, but laws never favour the victims of crimes.

    (Original post by DanB1991)
    BLM protests are completely laughable. In the UK poverty is the main cause of crime outside of london. London itself however has an epidemic of black gang culture (albeit caused by poverty), that outside of a white minority, isn't shared by similar ethnic groups equally as likely to be economically disadvantaged.

    As one policeman I spoke to concerning why the crime rate is so high stated, most crime is statistically committed by an individual of the same gender, race and living in the same geographical area as the victim. If a black individual states they were mugged by another black individual is it racist to then only target black individuals when looking for the perpetrator? The largest proportional victims of crime in london, are other black people. I don't even get what BLM want in the UK. Sure target the education system, support for black families, government efforts into reducing the number of kids drawn into gang culture etc etc. Don't target the police, when black people themselves are the biggest victims of crime in london.

    What about the black nobility who caught and sold the slaves in africa? You never see such movements targeting Africans for reparations? Nor do you see europeans (especially greeks) or black people ask for reparations from the Arab or Eastern slave trade.
    Nailed it

    So how many Black people have been murdered by police in Britain in the last decade?

    I'm not saying the movement doesn't have reason to exist, just not so much in Britain as it does in America where there clearly is a problem with police.
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Updated: August 6, 2016
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