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'Baiting out skets?'

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    (Original post by inhuman)
    You know, there is a difference between thinking something were someone is publicly shamed is wrong,
    Once again, if there's people talked about who don't give a crap yet you're crying the Internet, you're an attention seeking.

    The only thing it says about my character is I'm not offended by absolutely everything.

    Watching the videos alone tells you next to nothing about the actual person involved. It's the equivalent to me going on YouTube and saying " my pal Bob is an idiot". So? Who's bob?

    What you're really crying about is the "skets" part. In which, you'd be in the wrong. The thing current wave feminists are trying to change isn't the word itself. It's actually the connotations behind the word. The argument is loads of sex isn't anything to be ashamed of. IIRC there's even slutwalks in america.

    So the one in the wrong here is you acting like sex = bad and crying on TSR. The video was just made to be funny. If you wanted to show "good character", you'd behave like I did.

    And I'm not really sure what my username has to do with anything. But changing topics is typical for those who have nothing valid to add to an argument.

    It does amuse me how chavs/''road people'' always find new ways of embarrassing themselves.

    (Original post by Prince of Punani)
    It does amuse me how chavs/''road people'' always find new ways of embarrassing themselves.
    Says the 'Prince of Puanani'

    (Original post by mercuryman)
    Says the 'Prince of Puanani'
    1. It's funny and ironic when I pretend to be a G because I'm actually posh IRL

    2. I don't record myself insulting women about their private lives
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Updated: August 6, 2016
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