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Do you have any phobias?

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    Very very bad with spiders. I don't like moths, but spiders I just can't deal with. If they're too close, or moving unpredictably, I'll cry and even have panic attacks. I need them completely out of the house, and not just outside of the door because I'll be up all night thinking about them coming back in. I check every room in my house for spiders before I enter it, and I never walk around in the dark. I shake out all of my clothes before I put them on, too. I just really can't stand the things. When I was younger, about 5, I developed this really weird fear of lamp-posts. That lasted until I was like 12. I always knew that it was irrational and I could never find someone who had the same fear as me, I still can't now, but that was pretty awful even if it was stupid. Nothing helps with the spiders, I just have to get out ASAP. There was one in my downstairs toilet and even after someone got rid of it I couldn't bring myself to go into the room for months just in case. As for the lamp-posts, I just grew out of it I guess. I moved house a couple of times and I wasn't really around them anymore, and they looked a lot different

    That's a big one!


    Claustrophobia, fear of being naked in public (no joke), fear of a certain supermarket chain (but that's OCD so not sure if it counts tbh, but I do avoid it as much as possible. Not easy seeing as it's a major one!), and a fear of being diagnosed with any more MH Issues! I've got enough as it is!

    There's probably more that I can't think of, but yeah insects is the biggest one!

    spiders and supernatural (as you cant be 100% if is real or not)
    i have a mild fear of getting old but other than that i'm pretty chilled. I like snakes, don't mind mice or rats (as long as they are not in my house), don't mind moths flies, bees, wasps, death and more.

    I would say that I have a fear of heights as my vision can be blurry and my head spins once at a certain height but I'm also an adrenaline junkie...
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Updated: August 14, 2016
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