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AAT then ACCA... route to financial analyst? private banker?

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    I studied Economics and Russian at university, but have used the Russian side of it in my career (and not in a business way).

    I loved Accounting at school, but was put off pursuing it as a career as I hated the university teaching of the subject. I now see that what I was hoping to get from uni was what the AAT and ACCA qualifications actually give you - a proper training in accounting!

    I now plan to do Levels 2 and 3 of AAT in (hopefully) one year. Then find a job in accounting while thinking of going on to do Level 4 of AAT and then start thinking about ACCA.

    I know I could work as an accountant, as I truly love keeping books, accounts, etc. But two other areas I am interested in are: being a financial analyst or even a private banker (which often asks for Russian).

    Can I ask: are the AAT and ACCA qualifications a good way, besides helping to secure an accountancy job, to approach becoming a finanical analyst or private banker? Or are there other courses which I would be better off doing if I ever wanted to work in these areas?

    The answers to both are yes.

    In terms of banking, bankers can't even get in these days as regulations is stifling profits and the banks are cutting big in these areas.

    But an ACA qualification will only aid and not hinder this ambition. But I would underline that you should not undertake the ACA if your sole aim is to be a banker, you may end up unfulfilled or feel like you've wasted your time at the end of it as it is not guaranteed, like most promising post-ACA careers outside of audit.

    Financial analyst should be easy to land as this is more directly linked to skills you pick up in the ACA, but again, if you go into audit, a financial analyst role is very different to auditing accounts - you will still need to sell yourself somewhat and prove you're more than just a chartered accountant working in audit
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