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Why is TSR celebrating gay pride?

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    I think the problem is with camp people and camp gays, I cannot stand people who are camp and all in your face, if you want to be gay fine be gay but just keep to yourself and I will keep to myself

    (Original post by BobSausage)
    It's one thing not being homophobic, but it's another thing completely to start being heterophobic. You are wrong, there is no other way of putting it. I am heterosexual yet have many bi/homo-sexual friends and transgender friends. The whole point is peace and equality, not two opposing factions. Society can eventually grow out of its fear/hatred of LGBT people but hating hetero sexual people in return is not the way to do it.
    This would be the same as BLM blocking roads and tram lines and airports in Britain for the crimes of American police officers.
    There are ways to solve inequality without dividing society into two opposing factions who despise each other, and your idea that hating the heterosexuals is essential to being part of the LGBT movement is preposterous.

    And you are also being racist and generalising : 'White people have never had discrimination'.

    You are so wrong.

    The upper most classes of rich white families who control society have suffered very little discrimination, true. But what about those who live on benefits, what about those who live in the slums or were forced to work in the Victorian sweatshops and workhouses?
    As for this idea you have that you must now repay the 'evil white supremacist heterosexual society' in medieval ways for all that they have done wrong in the past by rallying against a certain group for their sexuality and colour of their skin...that sounds a exactly like the sort of hate you're supposedly trying to stop

    Please learn to treat everyone with equality and fairness and learn that everyone is diverse.

    And just to leave you with something to ponder on: the worst 3 homophobes I have ever met, have all gone on to come out of the closet... Yes it would appear you're worst haters are those you're rallying for.
    Its a joke smart one. Read the bottom god.
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Updated: August 7, 2016
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