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Does anyone else get really anxious about meeting their partners family?

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    I've been with my boyfriend about 7 months. I've met some of his family a handful of times and I don't have anything against them. There's only one person I feel uncomfortable about because she's a high maintenance girlfriend of one of his relatives and he's frequently commented about how attractive he finds her which I find somewhat insensitive as it makes me feel like I'm comparing myself with her. I get a lot of social anxiety when there are family gatherings and I like to be told in advance who will be coming over so I can get myself ready and be prepared for the situation. I was in bed this morning and my boyfriend dropped a bombshell that his family were on their way over and would be here in about twenty minutes. I completely panicked at this as I felt like I looked a mess and didn't want to be hiding in the bedroom so made quick excuses to leave and go to my own family home. He said he was disappointed with me for how I behaved but doesn't seem to understand how stressful I find things like that. I think it was just a fight or flight reaction.

    Yeah with my last boyfriend I made excuses not go to his house sometimes as I found the rest of his family to be very intimidating and I could only go round there when either a group of us went or if his family wasn't in. I think he just has to understand that its not as easy as he thinks.

    I was slightly anxious about meeting my fiances family but it went pretty well, i met the majority of his extended family at a halloween party so meeting a lot of once made things a bit easier.

    7 years on and I still feel on edge meeting some of my partner's family. I get on brilliantly with his aunt's and uncles and see them like my own family but have never been that close with his dad and stepmum. We are civil and they are happy for us getting married soon so that's enough for me and my partner.

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    I was very nervous meeting my boyfriends' parents for the first time and actually hid the first time so I avoided meeting his mother for another 6 months. They thought I hadn't arrived at the boarding house yet.
    When I actually met them I was this close to pooping myself.
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Updated: August 6, 2016
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