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Very Strict Asian Parents!!

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    My parents are really conservative and strict Asian (Indian) parents who I'm deeply frustrated with. Back in high school, I had a 'group' of friends who used to make plans and I could never make it as I used to live far away or didn't have as much money as them. As a result I now happen to only talk to two of those friends. I feel like I have very few friends.
    Thing is I'm always hesitant to ask my parents even now about making any plans especially plans of going out at night. I know, I'm 22 and at this age I should only inform them and not ask them for permission. But those of you who come from a very conservative and strict Indian family may understand that asking permission is an absolute necessity.
    I am 'good' child- I had over the little money I make to my parents, I never waste money uselessly and I do 'obey' them but I am so frustrated mentally. I'm 22 and never gone on a night out partying with friends! I suggested that I would like to go out at night and they were shocked! How am I supposed to deal with these parents? I would to hear suggestions, advice and just experiences.

    You hand over the money you make to your parents? I hope you don't mean all of it! You poor thing. That's why they want keep you locked away ^^

    At 22 you need to start thinking about sitting down with them and having a serious conversation that you're an adult in a much freer country with different societal norms. If they can't accept that my only advice is to move out. Being this mollycoddled isn't going to help you in life, sorry. Best of luck

    Disown them.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    How am I supposed to deal with these parents? I would to hear suggestions, advice and just experiences.
    I can't pretend to understand the nuances of the culture, so -

    1. Did you go to university? Did you go away for that? i.e. did you ever live away from home?
    2. Is there a "plan" here, or an assumption of some kind about your future? Is the idea that you'll live with your parents under this arrangement until you get married?
    3. If so - what's the marriage plan? Are they going to fix it for you, or are you going to find yourself a spouse?
    4. What are they doing with the money you give them? Is it in some kind of informal investment fund - i.e. are they going to buy you a house or something with it?
    5. Do you work in a "regular" job, or are you attached to a family business?
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Updated: August 7, 2016
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