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5 Reasons Millennials Should Support Capitalism

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    And this is without even touching the horror of socialist regimes.

    His entire argument is on shaky ground when you consider that
    the US is not a capitalist state

    1) Centralized Economic Planning
    2) Central Bank that controls the money supply/interest rates
    3) Price and Wage Controls
    4) Legal tender laws
    5) Property confiscation through income tax / inflation / seizing of gold

    But lets ignore that.

    (Original post by linked article)
    1. Capitalism makes the world cleaner, less violent, and less poor (yes, really) — Because of capitalism there are fewer wars, fewer deaths from pollution, and fewer people living in extreme poverty than ever before. While global peace, health, and prosperity may seem like trivial concerns compared to your student loans, they are a reason most of us are grateful for the benefits of capitalism.
    Capitalism encouraged imperialism, colonialism, etc., which caused a LOT of wars.

    Capitalism causes fewer deaths from pollution??? What kind of nonsense is that? Sure, we get a lot less pollution in capitalist countries than countries like China. That's because we've outsourced all our industry to China. But if all countries were capitalist, I reckon we'd have a lot more pollution globally.

    Fewer people living in extreme poverty than ever... yes, probably due to natural economic growth. It would probably also happen in socialist states.

    He needs more comparisons to how socialism would have progressed; atm, he is saying "things are good in the US, the US is capitalist, therefore capitalism caused those good things".

    (Original post by linked article)
    2. Capitalism is the reason you’re (probably) not a farmer – Do you currently have Tama soil under your fingernails? Do you not even know what Tama soil is? You probably don’t, which means you aren’t a farmer. Statistically, that is a safe assumption since there are only about 10,000 Millennials who are principal operators on a farm in the U.S.

    Today, Millenials are farmers because they want to be. But that wasn’t always the case. In Colonial America approximately 90 percent of the population earned at least part of their living as farmers. Even in 1900, 41 percent of the U.S. workforce was employed in agriculture. People didn’t have a choice — farming was a required vocation.

    So what changed? Mostly technological progress brought about by free enterprise. The gains from specialization and trade (key aspects of free enterprise) made it possible for you to be a Wendell Berry-reading “agrarian” at grad school rather than standing in an Iowa cornfield pushing a plow through Tama.

    And that’s one of the truly remarkable effects of capitalism: it makes it possible for more and more people to pursue their interests, passions, and talents and use them in diverse ways to serve their fellow humans.
    Capitalist states aren't the only ones to have technological or social progress.

    Consider China, and how they went from a country of hundreds of millions of farmers, to the country they are now. Are they capitalist?

    Okay, so China doesn't invent much. Lets look at the Soviet Union then, or Nazi Germany, both of whom have a lot of inventions to their name, especially the latter, who started the space race.

    3. Capitalism is the main reason you weren’t drafted into the army — No one in your generation has actually been subjected to the draft, and you likely never will. For our current all-volunteer military you can thank free market economists like Milton Friedman.

    A by-product of freedom to serve would be avoidance of the present arbitrary discrimination among different groups. A large faction of the poor are rejected on physical or mental grounds. The relatively well-to-do used to be in an especially good position to take advantage of the possibilities of deferment offered by continuing their schooling. Hence the draft bears disproportionately on the upper lower classes and the lower middle classes. The fraction of high-school graduates who serve is vastly higher than of either those who have gone to college or those who dropped out before finishing high school.
    If you served in the military because you wanted to, not because you were forced by the government, then you have a reason to be grateful for capitalism. And if you didn’t serve you have an even greater reason to be thankful for free enterprise.
    This seems to be a weak argument. Someone can share some principles with capitalists, without actually supporting capitalism in its entirety.

    5. You already prefer capitalism anyway — Quick: Name your favorite provider of a good or service?

    Chances are that you said Apple or Uber rather than the DMV or the Department of Commerce.
    There's also an increasingly large chance we mentioned a Chinese company.

    While the government may provide some necessary services, it isn’t the best at providing customer service or fulfilling the various and unique wants and desires of Millennials. Imagine standing in line for hours, like they used to do in the anti-capitalist Soviet Union, to get stale bread and sandpaper-rough toilet paper. That’s what happens when you reject capitalism.
    Yay, consumerism! You can thank it for huge obesity in the US, exacerbating global warming, and the tobacco industry.

    I'm not going to get into the ideological ****-flinging this sort of post will inevitably attract.

    Just wanna say that capitalism, as experienced by many millennials these days, isn't really selling itself well.

    Like millennials have a choice. What are you gonna do, bring the whole system down? Lol. The Chinese who are doing well under capitalism would have a say in that.
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Updated: August 8, 2016
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