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My best friend's girlfriend doesn't like me spending time with him

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    me and my best friend have been friends since the first day of primary school and we've now known each other for about 17 years, we have season tickets to the football together and would always arrange to do something when we where both free like go out for drinks or something like that. Anyway he met his current girlfriend just over a year ago and I really got on with her at first she was friendly with me and tried setting me up with one of her friends because she said I'm a nice guy and I deserve someone and I thought she was great for him, because he was in a relationship I knew he'd want to spend time with her which I was fine with so now we don't do stuff together as often as we used to because they want to spend time together and I understand that. We still go to the football together but for some reason she doesn't seem to like it if us two do something together.

    For example a few weeks ago she was working one Saturday so he asked me if I wanted to go out for the day so I said yes and she ended up giving him a load of grief over it because us two had gone out when she was working. Another example, a few months ago a film came out at the cinema she didn't want to see it but he did so he asked me if I wanted to go and see it I said yes and she gave him grief over that. Another example a few months ago there was a big derby match and he asked if his girlfriend could come with us I said sure as I didn't mind but the whole time she was at the football she made me feel like I shouldn't be there even though it's me and him who have the season tickets together. And recently because she works in the evenings my friend has started to come running with me so that it gives him something to do and it gives us a chance to catch up.

    I have absolutely no problem with my friend spending time with his gf in face if he was spending more time with me than her I'd be concerned. When they got together I knew they'd spend time with each other and I was fine with that. Me and my friend don't see each other as much as we used to when he was single and I'm fine with that but what I'm not fine with is her giving me grief and making me feel like crap when I spend time with my best friend. What should I do?

    bros before hoes i do believe is the saying

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    You need to talk to him. But don't make it sound as though you're jealous that he now has a girlfriend and is spending time with her instead of you. (which it doesn't sound like to me)
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    (Original post by Tiger Rag)
    You need to talk to him. But don't make it sound as though you're jealous that he now has a girlfriend and is spending time with her instead of you. (which it doesn't sound like to me)
    I just don't know how to do it without giving the wrong impression. I'm not jealous and most of the time when we do something it's been his idea because I don't want to intrude on his relationship, heck he was the one who asked if he could come running with me in an evening so that we could spend time together. His sister spoke to me and said she thinks there's something weird going on but I just acted dumb.
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Updated: August 8, 2016
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