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Personal statement for psychology

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    What are the vital things to include in a psychology personal statement??

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    The reason you want to do the subject, proof that you genuinely understand what the course will be about, what modules you are most excited about doing and why. Don't start with something like 'ever since I was a kid, I have loved psychology.' Talk about what interested you about it and why you'd become a good student in the field.

    To make a good personal subject they admissions team want to know you have passion for the subject like they do.
    In a way, they don't want you, they want a keen psychology student who will do well.
    Make it more about why you want to do the course and why you are suitable for the course than just talking generally about yourself and you will have a good statement in the end

    Check the psychology-specific article linked in my signature below, under 'subject specific advice'

    (Original post by Welshgirl20)
    What are the vital things to include in a psychology personal statement??

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    I personally didn't apply to study psychology at University just as a disclaimer, however I did psychology a level and my psychology teacher was the head of psychology in my school. So I remember in my lessons at the beginning of the year she would go over personal statements of students applying for it at uni with them whilst we were doing our own work (she had a fairly loud voice!)
    -If you've done psychology A level, state why this made you want to study it further at degree level. Mention a particular topic in the course that you loved and supply this with extra reading on the subject. For example if the topic of addiction really appealed to you, you can talk about a book relating to the psychology of addiction that you read and what it taught you, to show them you have interest beyond the A level scope.
    - if you've done an EPQ that's related to psychology, again discuss this
    - any work experience relating to caring for others or mental health that you've done
    - any volunteering: the great thing about psychology is anything can link to it. Have you done any volunteering working with children with autism or learning difficulties? Maybe in a residential home where you encountered Alzheimer's patients. REFLECT ON THIS. Talk about how important it is to understand the mental processes behind these and how these impact behaviour.
    - Any other books or research papers or museums you've been to that relate to psychology. For example the Wellcome collection has a great section relating to psychology for example it's sections on false memories and Loftus, dreaming, sleep etc
    - talk about research and how it appeals to you

    Everyone here already gave good advice so just to add on, you should include a paragraph talking about what you plan to do with your degree & how, with this degree, you can contribute to your local community/society/or even for your own personal growth as a person. For what it's worth, I also applied to do Psychology for uni. :-)

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Updated: August 13, 2016
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