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I'm a teenager and a hit mum in the face during a argument

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    So my mum has been treating me badly ever since I can remember , all she does is moan at me and everything she says is bad about me , when I was younger I didn't really have a good childhood because my mum threw a solid wood mirror at me and a knife also she used to beat me with belts and shoes ,everything I try and be nice to her she is always negative and there is no point in me trying every morning she wakes me up by shouting at me and I have to find my own way of making money ..am I in the wrong for what I done ?

    Jesus Christ OP why have you not reported this?


    assaulting people is always wrong.

    Firstly, yes it was wrong of you to hit your mother because reacting to violence with violence doesn't make you any better. You need to talk to someone about your relationship with your mother. Is there any specific reason she's angry all the time? Because it's not fair on you to be treated harshly. However hitting your mother isn't right and you need to address this by talking to her. I'm afraid that's the only way. If she's abusive then get help immediately - try childline if your feeling nervous about this. Hope this helped.

    Why would you do that? if she is abusing you walk away and report it.

    You would have punched your dad if he did it to you, so there can only be one outcome if youre for gender equality. A female deserves the same treatment a male would recieve, regardless of the situation.

    This does actually sound like the stereotypical abusive dad. Beating children up with belts etc. Never heard this about a mother before.

    Abuse is always bad however, and you and your mom should NOT hit eachother in anyway.
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Updated: August 8, 2016
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